September 15-16, 2020
Tuesday and Wednesday
1:30PM - 4:30PM PST
Webinar via Zoom

In the time of pandemic and new economic revolution, we are experiencing changes in production, transactions, and consumption of goods, services and technology.

We are experiencing data as a currency and as a compass.

We are experiencing marketing in the digital age of crisis.

Compelling forces changed how, when and where we shop. Online shopping exceeded in-store sales and E-Commerce experienced the biggest surge recently.

Amidst these market shifts, we are compelled to thrive.

Innovation in mobile, social and search propelled E-Commerce further and faster in every industry.

This Zoom gathering of companies and individuals, of players and influencers, is a step forward towards The New Commerce.

Key Webinar Topics

Day 1, September 15, 2020, Tuesday

Defining the Age of New Commerce

1. Keynote: What is the New Commerce?
2. Chartering the Change in E-Commerce Landscape
3. How to Succeed in the E-Commerce Rise
4. How Local Players and Businesses are adapting?
(Panel Discussion)

Day 2, September 16, 2020, Wednesday

Showcase New Platforms, Technologies and Experiences

1. Small is the New Big
2. FinTech Opportunities in the Age of Crisis
How Financial Institutions are leading adaption
during these challenging times
3. Connecting to Consumers during the Pandemic using Technologies
4. Moving Forward 2021. What's in Store?

Who Should Attend

Businesses (Large, SMEs, Micro) on B2B, B2C, C2C, Startups, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, CMOs, Marketers, Payment Solution Providers/Gateway, Fulfillment and Logistics Providers, Content Providers, Digital Marketers, Brand and Category Managers, Digital Commerce Service Providers (web developers/design, hosting, etc.), Publishers, Media, Bloggers, Government, and those involved in digital transformation/future proofing their businesses.

The Resource Speakers and Experts