The New Commerce

In the new economic revolution, we are experiencing changes in production, transaction, and consumption of goods, services and technology.

We are experiencing data as a currency and as a compass.

We are experiencing marketing in the digital age.

Compelling forces changed how, when and where we shop. Online shopping exceeded in-store sales and E-Commerce experienced the biggest surge in eight years, (Channeladvisor 20/20 E-Commerce Vision).

Amidst these shifts of current, we are compelled to thrive.

Innovations in mobile, social and search have propelled E-Commerce further and faster in every other industry in this century.

This gathering of companies and individuals, of players and influencers, is a step forward in THE NEW COMMERCE.

To close one's door on change is to be left behind.

Key Conference Topics

Part 1: Defining the Age of New Commerce
1. Keynote: What is the New Commerce?

When the country's biggest mall is an app. When paying means scanning a QR code. When you can watch a movie in the palm of your hands. It's clear that nothing in business as usual anymore. Welcome to the era of The New Commerce, where disruption is the new normal.

2. Chartering the Change in E-Commerce Landscape

Platforms, such as, Lazada, Shopee and LeFlair, along with logistics experts like LBC and Entrego, are making online shopping more mainstream and affordable than ever. Learn how these trailblazers at the forefront of New Commerce are rewriting the rules of this booming industry.

3. The New Consumer (Shifts in Behaviour)

The country's fast growing e-conomy is changing both the market landscape and consumer behaviour. Get insights as Google shares its latest Asian Report including the Philippines on the trajectory of the New Commerce trend.

4. How Global Brands Adapt? (Panel Discussion)

Global brands face the challenges of New Commerce on both a worldwide and local scale. How do market leaders like Unilever, Kimberly Clark, and Reckitt Benckiser handle this delicate balancing act? And what do they do to stay ahead of the curb?

5. How Local Players Adapt? (Panel Discussion)

Technology and the internet have blown open the doors to the world. In a reality where Filipino sensibilities and mindset have become increasingly global, how do Filipino companies like Jollibee, Megaworld, UnionBank, and JG Summit strive to be relevant to local consumers?

Part 2: Showcase New Platforms, Creatives and Experiences
6. Small is the New Big

Start-ups: Entrepreneurs, E-Commerce Players, Property Tech

What do an online liquor store, an all-natural make-up brand, and a motorcycle ride-sharing company have in common? They are not just upending get products or services - they are also challenging the goliaths of their industries.

7. Shift? Media and Creatives (Panel Discussion)

How has the media landscape changed in the age of New Commerce? And how should creativity adapt alongside it? ABS-CBN, Netflix, iflix, FaceBook and Google are joined by creative director Goh Poo Eik and U/X Expert Denise Haak to discuss the disruption and opportunities that lie ahead.

8. Conclusion - Key Takeaways.

Who Should Attend

Businesses (Large, SMEs, Micro) on B2B, B2C, C2C, Startups, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, CMOs, Marketers, Payment Solution Providers/Gateway, Fulfillment and Logistics Providers, Content Providers, Digital Marketers, Brand and Category Managers, Digital Commerce Service Providers (web developers/design, hosting, etc.), Publishers, Media, Bloggers, Government, and those involved in digital transformation/future proofing their businesses.

The Resource Speakers and Experts

Note: Please stay tuned for the complete line-up of Resource Speakers and Experts


Registration Fee

PHP 8,000 + VAT: December 15 - 31 January 2020
PHP 10,000 + VAT: February 01 - 05 March 2020
PHP 12,000 + VAT: On-site
Inclusive of meals and Kit.

Discount and Payment Scheme

- 15% discount to DCOM, PANA, PRA, PMA, PFA, PCCI Members
- 20% discount to Academe, Students, Government and Non-Profit Organizations
- Package of 5+1 Group Package (send 5 Delegates + 1 Free)
- 5% discount to Past delegates of Fiera programs

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