Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

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Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Webinar

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Your company's future depends on people, processes and technology. Being able to handle any incident effectively can have a positive effect on company's reputation and market value, and it can increase customer confidence.

'Organizations must understand the processes within the business and the impact of the loss of these processes over time. These losses can be financial, legal, reputational and regulatory. Build recovery strategy around the allowable downtime for these processes...' Lorraine O'Donnell, Global Head of Business Continuity, Experian.

Whether you operate a small business or large corporation, you strive to remain competitive. It is vital to retain current customers while increasing your customer base.

In these pandemic times, crisis situation occured in business.
The need to know how to implement business continuity plan is a must for business owners, stakeholders and managers.

Business continuity is an organization's ability to ensure operations and core business functions are not severely impacted by crisis

This webinar is focused on how to create business continuity plan given the challenges faced by companies. Local cases will be discussed as part of scenario analysis and assessment.

Key Webinar Topics

1. Business Continuity Planning

1.1 Concept/Framework/Significance

2. Key Components of Business Continue Plan
3. Steps to Develop Business Continuity Plan

3.1 Identify the scope of the plan
3.2 Identify key business areas
3.3 Identify critical functions.
3.4 Identify dependencies between various business areas and functions
3.5 Determine acceptable downtime for each critical function
3.6 Create a plan to maintain operations

4. BCP Champions, Tasks and Responsibilities
5. Recovery Plan vs. Business Continuity Plan
6. Case Studies Discussion

Who Should Attend

CEOs, General Managers, Executive Directors, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Business Analysts, Process Analysts, Risk Managers, Business Development Managers, Process Owners, Owners of SMEs, Start-ups, Consultants, Academe, NGOs, and those involved in business enterprises.

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