Connect with Customers Through Effective Salesmanship …

Manila, PH – Good selling is salesmanship. Equip your sales team with effective and efficient salesmanship skills in order to win customers and close deals.

Widen your sales knowledge by acquiring effective selling approaches and strategies. Learn and understand customer’s profile, such as, their
needs, interests, preferences, thinking, behavior and lifestyle and use the information to improve sales strategies.

Fiera de Manila, Inc. ( presents the Salesmanship Seminar on July 2, 2019 at
AIM Conference Center, Makati City, PH, with
Bernard San Juan III, General Manager of TrueLogic Online Solutions as the Resource Speaker and Expert.

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The Sales Expert, sharing his knowledge, techniques, and various sales strategies to the delegates.

The Resource Speaker and Expert, Bernard San Juan has a proven track record in the field of sales, sales management and training, customer and account service management, online marketing and eCommerce. During his term as a Training Manager in, he trained and coached the fulfillment, customer service, and claims team.

In over 14 years, he coached dozens of successful sales professionals, trained sales teams, managed the business in the development of hundreds of websites, over a thousand digital marketing projects, managed e-commerce online stores, incorporated four companies, and developed three start-ups to multi-million dollar-sized companies.

Participants shared their insights and key takeaways learned in the seminar.

Salesmanship Seminar 2019 will enrich the participants with insights on the selling process, approaches and strategies. The participants will also be able to learn how to prepare effective sales presentation materials, kits and sales pitches.

The key topics of the seminar features: preparing sales presentation and pitches, sales negotiations, handling customer objections, closing sales and deals, winning and keeping customers, nurturing customers engagement and relationships, and tips and techniques to further improve the participants’ salesmanship skills.

Class Photo – Salesmanship Seminar 2019 held February 27, 2019 at AIM Conference Center, Makati City, PH

This program is designed for Sales Managers, Customer Service Representatives and Agents, Customer Care Personnel, Business Development Managers, Product Managers, Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, Fund Raisers, Account Managers, Account Officers, Sales Executives, Sales Representatives, Branch Heads, Front Liners and those who are involved in the business of selling products/services and customer relation management.


Train and Equip Your Sales Team with Salesmanship Skills!

Attend Salesmanship Seminar on July 2, 2019 at
AIM Conference Center, Makati City, PH.

This program is organized by Fiera de Manila, Inc. (

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