Innovate and Improve Your CX Programs. Be the engine of growth and innovation for the company …

Manila, PH – Successful brands learned to understand their customers, deliver compelling and engaging experiences. As customer experience (CX) becomes key to business sustainability, Customer Experience (CX) innovators now are mandated to ‘be the engine of growth’ for the company.

Learn how to create remarkable customer experiences in the 5th Customer Experience (CX) PH Seminar 2019 on August 30, 2019 at the AIM Conference Center, Makati City, PH.


This seminar presents CX thought leadership, best practices, and successful case studies to expand existing CX strategy. Get cutting edge insights on how innovative CX programs encompass overall customer interactions using omni-channel approaches to deliver new opportunities and increased revenues.

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Participants of the 4th Customer Experience (CX) Seminar 2019
held last May 24, 2019 at AIM Conference Center, Makati City, PH.

According to Forrester Research, the next breed of CX innovators are using smart insights derived from deep customer understanding to discover completely new business opportunities, expand customer relationships into new verticals, and explosively grow revenues.

Eduardo I. Mapa, Jr., Country Head/Partner, Entropia CBR presents strategies and secret sauces of CX Innovation …

CX leaders must take on a visible, assertive and decisive profile in directing the whole organization towards new business opportunities, new and existing customers, and new sources of revenue.

Maria Luz ‘Yayu’ Javier, President and COO, Avanza, Inc. discusses integrating data into CX Measurement …

This seminar is open to all Managing Directors, General Managers, Business Owners, CMOs, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Business Development Directors/Managers, Strategic Planners, Corporate Planning Executives, Brand Marketers, Product Managers, Category Managers, Advertising Managers, Sales Managers, CRM Directors/Managers, Digital Directors, Digital Marketing Service Providers, Agencies, Publishers, Media, E-Commerce Entrepreneurs, Startups, Account Managers, Branch Managers, Customer Service Representatives and Agents, Customer Care Personnel, Account Managers/Officers, Government, Academe, and those who are involve in customer experience management and responsible for driving innovation, strategy, marketing, business development in the organization.

Deliver remarkable Customer Experience (CX) for customer retention ….

Attend the 5th Customer Experience (CX) PH Seminar 2019!

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