Media Outlook 2020 unfolds disruptions in Traditional and Digital Media …

Manila, PH – What will be the media landscape in the year 2020? Get fresh data insights as leading industry Experts unleash media consumption forecast and analysis in an annual forum. Media Outlook points where opportunities for growth are occurring, discusses trends that companies should be mindful of, and which markets are emerging in the coming year.

Find out in the 6th Media Outlook 2020 on December 02, 2019 at Fairmont Hotel, Makati City, PH.


Panel of Experts composed of Gladys Basinillo, Chief Growth Officer and Head of Agency,
Starcomvest Media Group, Santi Elizalde, Vice President for Sales, Manila Broadcasting Company,
Lucien Dy Tioco, Executive Vice President – Philstar Media Group, Jay Bautista, Managing Director,
Kantar Media Philipines; ANC’s Lexi Schulze, host and moderator of the media briefing.

The Panel will be composed of Media Experts, Media Analysts, Media Planners and Buyers, Top Advertisers, Brand Builders (Agencies) and Industry Leaders who will draw insights from data, analysis, and emerging trends.

They will provide information and answer questions to be addressed in the briefing, such as, the state of transformation of Traditional Media (Radio, TV and Print), why billboard advertising and Digital Out-of-Home are resonating to Millennials and Gen Zs markets, and how digital fuels Filipino consumers’ lifestyle, behavior and habits; it will discuss the digital disruption opportunities, innovation, automation to create remarkable customer experiences (CX).

Learn More:

Jay Bautista, Kantar Media Philippines’ Managing Director, presents how traditional media
continues to be relevant and dominant consumer touch point …

Starcomvest Media Group’s Chief Growth Officer and Head of Agency, Gladys Basinillo
presents forecast on Out-of-Home and Digital Ou-of-Home (DOOH) advertising …

The Media Outlook 2020 is an important annual forum that presents more than just the
usual economic forecasts we get from different media groups. Very few fora touch
on the topic of marketing communications in a holistic approach – from analyzing current landscape, trends
and forecasts, to its implications for the media industry in the coming year, 2020.

Media Outlook 2019 …

The Media Briefing is open to all CMOs, Managing Directors, Advertising/Marketing Managers,
Brand Managers, Category Managers, Product Managers, Corporate Communication Managers,
Media Planner/Managers, Publishers, Advertising Suppliers, Entrepreneurs, Academics,
Students, Government, and those involved in advertising and marketing.

It’s time for a fresh outlook for 2020!

Attend the 6th Media Outlook 2020 on December 02, 2019 at Fairmont Hotel, Makati City, PH.

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