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Manila, PH – Social media has transformed today’s marketing with the right use of social media platforms for lead generation.

Marketers utilize social media to engage more customers and get leads for business.

Social media is an excellent channel to grow your brand, connect with your potential customers, facilitate lead generation and brand building as millennials and GenZs are spending the average six (6) hours time everyday in social media.

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Growing and scaling your brand is easier now yet trickier than ever. There is a need to study the dynamics of these tools/ platforms, how to use them properly for customer engagement and lead generation.

Attend the ‘Social Media for Lead Generation Seminar-Workshop 2020’ on February 18, 2020 at AIM Conference Center, Makati City, PH.

Learn from the Expert, Weslee Trout, Digital Strategy – OxytocinGroup
Consultant for Digital, Innovation, Experience, Delivery

Get insights, techniques, and tips that will change the way you generate leads for your businesses.

The seminar-workshop will guide marketers on the use of social media primarily for lead generation. It discusses the role of social media within the framework of customer journey, steps to jump start social media campaign for paid campaigns, how to capture lead, content development and marketing, social listening and tools, social media analytics and intelligence, evaluate ROIs, and case studies discussions.

Participants share their insights and takeaways in the
Social Media for Lead Generation Seminar-Workshop 2019
last September 19, 2019 at the AIM Conference Center Makati City, PH.

Know how to use storytelling in creating content, stunning visuals and videos in social posts and conversations …

Jason Cruz, Executive Strategy Director of Wizard Manila

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