Digital Work Content Webinar 2022

Date: October 25 - 26, 2022
Location: Webinar via Zoom

Digital Work Content Webinar 2022

In the classic training for Managers and Prospective Supervisors, the topic on Planning, Leading, Organizing, and Control is mandatory. While strategic planning resulted to economic gains, organizational and technology irritants remains a challenge to productivity.

Supposedly, the Table of Organization (TO) shows how the business is organized. Yet reality dictates that TO only represents the structure of authority, and does not translates to how the company is being organized.

With powerful technologies nowadays, it is time for executive team to enhance organizational and technology skills based on the following criteria:

1. Knowledge and intelligence of the enterprise are secured and protected to enable leaders to train their successors.
2. Work must have a clear definition of the internal and external customers; not duplication, no useless posts without work, and not over qualified.
3. Just-in-Time decision supports to prevent idle capital base on an integrated Enterprise Resource system.
4. Technology empowered teams for higher effectiveness.
5. Secured internal control.

This webinar aims to secure and protect the intelligence and knowledge of the enterprise (often ignored) with emphasis on ‘Systemic Analysis’. Participants will take a close look at value chain processes to define essential work, duplicated functions, combine processes, enable multi-tasking doers, balance workload, and determine an optimal real right-sizing.

Key Topics to be Covered

1. Understanding the Systemic Organization where the structure of WORK must be in harmony with the structure of Information Systems (ERP), before the structure of AUTHORITY (TO) can be defined.

2. How to direct and guide the entire organization to complete Version 1 of the Operating Manual within a week; How to strengthen internal transfer of work skills, estimate manpower, and identify work duplication; and how to standardize best practices.

3. How to train workers to WRITE their ONE Page Work Scripts, have the confidence to present any improvements, and determine potential future leaders. The process will identify external and internal customers, flow of work, policies, back-up DOERS, measure of productivity, and secure strengthen internal transfer of skills.

4. Role of Enterprise Resource (ERP) Infosystem as an intervention for effectiveness. Primer on – ERP is a DIGITAL BOOKEEPING, -1 page Systems Design, and why Lay Professionals (accountants, logistics, HR) are more effective Enterprise Systems Analysts/Designers, and why CIO must know how to code to enable coding discipline and STOP being DIGITAL HOSTAGE, and 90% of business apps coding is cut-and-paste, short Tech-Voc training adequate.

5. Organizing based on 90% of the work force as undergraduates

Who Should Attend

CEOs, Presidents, Managing Directors, General Managers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Chief Operations Officers, Chief Finance Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Middle to Senior Level Managers, Process Owners and Analysts, Strategic Planners, Corporate Planning Executives, IT Directors and Managers, Project Managers, Customer Experience (CX) Officers, Innovation Champions, Team Leaders, Growth Officers, Department Heads, Organizational Development Champions, HR Directors and Managers, and those involved in continuous improvement and operational excellence programs in their organizations.

The IT Consultant & ERP Specialist

Manuel C. Bulatao

IT Consultant & ERP Specialist

Manuel C. Bulatao specialist on Enterprise Data Architecture with extensive application and project management engagements with both corporate and government entities. He is an Innovative trainor of lay-professionals on processes and systems development, and proven record of savings $millions of projects and CAPEX.

He had varied experiences in all levels of operations and IT competencies such as: former Senior Vice President of the Philippines National Bank, Information Technology, tasked to implementation of a Y2K compliant Integrated Banking package; Vice President and General Manager at Sperry Univac Mainframe Computers, where the Philippine Constabulary was the 1st On-line System in the AFP was implemented; 1st Exporter of an Inventory System for Volkswagen, Hongkong; Managing Director, Technology Resource Center where Real Estate Tax Collections improved; Operations Officer of Mutual Fund where an ERP enabled daily GL with NPV; Apps Director for Decision Research Corp where the 1st card-based ERP was implemented; Systems & Methods Analyst at Philippine airlines where he experience how 18 industries operates.

As an International Consultant, helped Malaysian Govt Road Transport and Trade & Industry implement a comprehensive real-time data base applications, a pioneering technical project; World Bank Bureau of Customs, ADB’s-PAP, Linaheim FEDEX Warehouse, Bangko Sentral Loans, Loyola Life, Dept of Trade, among others.

Mr. Bulatao is U.S. Citizen, residing at Hayward, California. a former Adjunct Instructor of UC Berkeley. He studied Finance at the University of the Philippines, Industrial Engineering from Adamson University, Electrical Engineering from Mapua Institute of technology where he was a member of Honor Society.


Registration Fees

PHP 16,999 + VAT for 2 days for local participants
Inclusive of Certificate of Attendance and Presentation Materials

US$ 499 for 2 days for foreign participants
Inclusive of Certificate of Attendance and Presentation Materials

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